Sunday, November 10, 2013

Updated Front Entrance

Now that the cold weather is here, we decided to update our front entrance to something a little more suited for the temperatures.  Before we had a fun blue and white cotton-jute blend rug that is a little too light weight for the messy months ahead and a white and yellow cane bench.


Nice, but a little too summery.
Empty wall in the Front Entrance.
I also wanted to add a table lamp and some height to the space. A table surface was the key element that was needed for the entrance. 

Awhile ago I found a console table on Kijiji which needed work but had perfect bones.

Before: A metal brown and black frame with a damaged MDF tabletop.
Before: A closer look at the finish.

After, a brand new look!

After: Table surface, table lamp and style!

After: I spray painted the metal frame a matte black and replaced the MDF with a solid raw wood slab. 
This table lamp is warm and inviting, the opposite of our overhead ceiling fixture.
The empty wall, no longer!
Now that the front entrance is ready for the cold weather, it's time to winterize the rest of our house!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Decorating for Fall

Decorating for Fall is one of my favourite seasons to decorate for.  The colours, the change in season and just the fresh air leading into Christmas, the ultimate season to decorate for.  

This is our first fall in the our new place and we can decorate our front door a little more freely so I had some fun with it!

Mums are a staple for any outdoor fall decorating plan as well as corn stalks and pumpkins, so naturally they went on my front door step.

Happy Fall!
An orange and black Halloween wreath was an added touch for the season.

Mini Mums and smaller scale pumpkins are great for a smaller front door step.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mystery Estate: Master Bedroom

I had a plan for our new Master Bedroom that you had previously seen in Master Bedroom Plan, needless to say that some of the plan has slightly changed.  I have decided to axe the pink idea and just go for a bold grey, black, and white. It's not that creative of a colour scheme and it has been done before; but not in my house.

Here is the before:

A blank canvas!

This large window definitely could use a window treatment.

The big project we have for this room is making an upholstered headboard.  Not that it is a difficult project to complete, it's just finding the time to do it.  I have the fabric ready to go and it will look great!  We plan to have that done by the end of the summer. 

One issue that we encountered when we moved all our furniture in was that I was significantly smaller that our last bedroom.  In our last bedroom we had; three dressers, one filing cabinet, a bench, two nightstands and a queen bed.  In this bedroom we have one dresser and a queen bed.  Since we rely heavily on our alarm clocks, we needed to come up with a creative idea for new nightstands because our old ones were just too large. 

Our bedroom so far:

We really need a higher headboard between the art... and a steamer.


Another piece of wall d├ęcor to go on the left on the closet

Keep checking in for the finished look!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Before & After: Bench and Front Entrance

I have been missing from the blogging world since April and for good reason, kinda. Since then we have moved from an apartment on the 11th floor to a townhouse with a basement, three bedrooms, and a backyard. It is definitely more work and more rooms to clean but there are now more areas to decorate and to have fun with!  We absolutely love the extra space. We are still decorating and slowly putting the house together exactly the way we want it, these things do take time.  Before I give the big reveal of our decorated townhouse, aka "Mystery Estate #2" I first want to follow up and show you the bench I showed you a few months ago.

Remember this little doozy?

The plan was to paint it white and to hopefully make it fit in our front entrance. When I bought it, I had no idea of the dimensions of the front entrance but I loved this bench so much I just couldn't pass it up. 

Our entrance; as plain as they come.

The bench was a great Kijiji find, and for a great price too! Luckily, the bench fit in our new entrance- what a relief! Take a look and both the bench and our front entrance now.

The bench now painted white with the original upholstery.
The yellow is a bit worn in the front but otherwise a great fabric. The yellow pops against the blue and white jute and cotton Ikat rug.  I love the wooden "Keep Calm and Carry On" Plaque.  A little bit a British infusion into a space never hurt anyone, and besides, my guests love it!

As for the rest of the entrance, I have a few more spaces I could hang art.  Since this space is small, I have to choose wisely with the style, colour, and more importantly the size. Though art should be chosen based on preference and emotion, if I went with dark pieces the space would seem to be small and crowded. I also don't believe in covering every wall with something, this plain space really needs some character.

Blank wall #1
Blank wall #2.

Keep watching for more Mystery Estate reveals!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vinyl Desk for the Office

In our new place, we have three bedrooms; one for the master bedroom, one for a guest room, and the other for a office/media room.  In this room we will have a desk, our smaller love seat, and a dresser.  The only reason a dresser is going in there is because we are a little tight for space in the Master Bedroom. Besides being an office, we want to make this room more of a media room look. This means eventually a television will eventually be in here.

We obviously need a desk in the Office and our current desk is very wide, wide to the point where the room will looked jammed with the other furniture. I was inspired the other day by vinyl and using it in different applications such as covering wood furniture.  Wouldn't a faux python vinyl covered desk be so chic and galmorous? I would ideally like a long narrow desk to go along the one wall in the office. This will allow for more space in the room.
Something like this as our new desk would be perfect, I wouldn't do the nailhead though. Source

Aurora Transparent Chair
My existing desk chair will look fabulous with a patent 'leather look' desk!

This little DIY will hopefully be done by the summer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Moving Countdown

Two days until we officially are into our new place. We are packed to the point that if we pack anymore, we won't be able to see each other for the boxes, let alone watch 'Lost' on Netflix.  This will be our second time moving this year and it seems easier this time then last. Maybe because I know exactly where everything is going and it isn't such a 'Mystery' or maybe because I'm only moving 20 minutes away, rather than 6 hours. Packing is a funny thing, stuff seems to multiply when you start packing, I'm sure that everyone who has ever moved can agree with me.

The boxes.

The empty walls.

The Chairs- yes that blue chair is new and there are two of them.
The other is currently under a bag of pillows.

By looking at our walls, you would think we were robbed. By looking else where, you would think we were hoarders, but I would hope your first guess would be that we are just moving. Regardless, this is a very exciting time. I feel that my style has changed since I last decorated, which is common with someone that works in the industry and follows styles so closely. It is actually a great time to be moving. Despite the new snow on the ground, all the retailers have their best Spring accessories and decor out on the shelves which I personally think that this Spring over the last few has hit an all time high in the style meter. So many inspiring colours and patterns that I have been wanting to pick up but thought it was best to wait to see what the new place brings us. 

Besides decor, there are a few larger ticket items that we 'need' to purchase.

Exhibit A:

New Samsung Washer and Dryer Combo- CAN NOT WAIT TO WASH MY CLOTHES!! Picture Source
We bought this exact combo the other day, getting them delivered this coming week!!

Exhibit B: (smaller ticket item than the washer and dryer but still a non decor piece we want to get)

Weber - Summit S-670 Gas Grill Propane Barbecue - 7370001 - Home Depot Canada
His idea of a BBQ. Home Depot

Weber - One-Touch Silver Charcoal Grill - 18.5 Inch - 441001 - Home Depot Canada
My idea of a BBQ. You can tell who is more excited to BBQ. Home Depot

When we first moved to Ottawa, he was so disappointed that we couldn't BBQ- being on the 11th floor of an apartment building, but now it is a different story. We haven't purchased a BBQ yet but once the snow melts and the sun is shining, I think we'll get one.

I can't wait to show you all our new place, keep watching and you'll see some Before and Afters coming this way!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Master Bedroom Plan

As part of the moving process, besides the dreaded packing, room by room planning is a crucial step towards a beautiful home. You have already witnessed what is going to happen in the spare bedroom so let's talk about the Master Bedroom.  I'm really excited about the plan we have for this room. 

Must have's for the Master Bedroom:
  • Elegant and mature style
  • Calm, but contrasting colours
  • Maximize storage
  • Floor Length Mirror
  • Headboard
Currently we have a bedframe with a really low headboard, it doesn't standout in the room at all and I am a strong believer that your bed should be the focal point of the bedroom.  At the moment we would love to have an upholstered headboard.

The colour scheme that I would love for that room is grey, white, black, and a beautiful barely there pink.  There are so many colours out there right now, especially going into spring but after all the colours I have seen, I still love the barely there pink. This is what I have found so far.

 When we are in our new place, one of the projects on our to-do list is to make
an upholstered headboard, much like this one. Source
We currently have two of these dressers but unfortunately only one may fit in
our new bedroom. If that is the case, we will put the second one in the media room/office. Source.

We already have these too, they will fit perfectly in the new plan! Source.

This would be awesome over our bed, depending how high our headboard goes. Source.
I love Annie Leibovitz black and white photography, a nice addition to the Master Bedroom. Source.

Pink peonies are the perfect pink for this room; along with pink pillows and a pink rug. Source.

Less than a month until we get our new place and I can't wait to take you on a tour of our new place and all the fun decorating to be done!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mint for 2013

Mint, what a pretty colour; its soft, delicate, and a colour the 20 something year olds haven't seen before.  Mint is a colour that is very on trend right now, along with all of the other pretty pastels that are showing their faces this Spring, but the question still looms, will this pastel stick around for another season in 2013? Or has it fallen by the way side like so many trends before it? Mint was huge in 2012 and is still a colour that is around but do we like mint more in our wardrobe or splashed all over our home?  

Mint is a classy colour.  I have never seen this colour done in a 'cheap' manner both on the runway and in interior accents. Mint coloured accessories are usually seen on dainty items such as fine china, and kitchen items, which bring a great accent to a room. A perfect colour to pair with white, as it is very fresh and adds a sense of vintage to a room. It has definitely been done in other rooms of the house with great style and sophistcation, just like the colour itself.

Mint makes this kitchen fresh and brings a little nostalgia, makes you think of Grandmas house from the 1950s.  Source
Mint walls in this Georgian style home makes the bedroom look large and bright. Source

I love the mint walls with the gold and black pieces in this living room. Source.

My personal Mint collection consists of a really interesting coffee maker from Melitta, made in Germany.  I do not know what decade this little thing of the past is from but it sure is cool!

Exhibit A: Mint Melitta Coffee Maker.

That is the end of my mint collection, besides a pair of pants, and I think that will be my only mint fixture in my collection of fun stuff.  I do love mint when it is done well in interiors, I just think that there are other colours that are heavier hitters for Spring that may out-shine mint for 2013, but that is for another day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Closet Cleaning

As a girl who loves clothes, and lots of them, I am *patiently* awaiting the arrival of Spring to pull out my Spring wardwobe. Before I do that, I have to go through my winter clothes which is actually a good thing because in about a month and a half I will be packing up my clothes to move. The last time, and only time, I have moved I found that packing my clothes was the biggest challenge. Moving from one town to another that's six hours away and sending some clothes 3 months earlier than my arrival definitely needed some careful planning. This time I am moving about 25 minutes away, so moving my clothes won't be as much of an issue. Packing and donating some of my clothes has got me thinking about the wonder of walk-in closets and the magic stored inside. The rows and shelves for shiny shoes, and hangers and hangers of beautiful clothes for every occasion and mood; sounds like something out of Mariah Careys reality. Lets take a look at some famous closets, and drool.

Mariah Careys palace-like closet, there are no words. Source
Paula Abdul's closet, Source

Christina Aguilera and her shoe collection, what an awesome rug! Source
Kimora Lee Simmons, model and face of Baby Fat, surely has almost every designer she has modelled for in her closet. Source

One day folks, one day. Until then, wish me luck with my packing!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mystery Estate #2

Now that it is about a month and a half away and viewers have already done a walk through of our apartment, its time to announce that Mystery Estate 2 has started. Yes, folks, we are moving again! Though, this time isn't as much of a mystery compared to last time as we are staying in Ottawa and have already visited our new place. 

This will be another decorating adventure with even more rooms to decorate. We are going from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom town house.

Take a look.

Master Bedroom.

Guest Room. The third bedroom will be the office/media room.

A large wall leading up an down the stairs is a great space for a tapestry.

The living room, it can fit all of our existing furniture, and more!

The dining room is on the other side of the living room, a great open concept space.

Since this space is a lot larger (2 extra bedrooms, a basement, and a backyard larger) there is lots of planning to be done. We are planning to keep most of our funiture but there are definitely a few things that we still need. Such as:

  • Twin bed for the bedroom
  • A few rugs
  • A tapestry for that large wall
  • etc.
Keep watching The Front Door for more updates on Mystery Estate 2!!


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